Danakill Depression

Danakill Depression

The Danakil Depression is in north-eastern Ethiopia, near the border with Eritrea. By far the area has been called one of the most alien places on earth — a “gateway to hell and land of death.”

Danakil Desert:

is by far one of the remotest, hottest (average 42°c), the lowest (125m below sea level) and unique land formation of the world in the great rift valley system. The extraordinary landscape of the region contains several unusual sites which are rarely seen to other parts of the world at the same place. Green, yellow, and red color sulphureous hot spring, salt mountain, as well as extremely white dazzling Salt Lake. As they say.

 Erta Ale: 

active volcano globally recognized as one of the most alluring and yet physically challenging natural attractions. Its base is 30 kms diameter and 1 km square caldera at its summit. Watching the dramatic boiling lava erupting from the Volcano is a spectacular sight.

After all, Danakil is amazing place. As they say: it’s an alien place on Earth but a must-see place once in lifetime!!


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