Merkato market

Merkatomarket” The Largest Open Air Market in Africa”

What makes Merkato what it is not just what is seen from the outside but also what is found deep inside, intertwined with the trading culture of the people who run the stores and who dwell the streets. The small neighborhoods found in Merkato and the chain of stores with names describing what they have to offer add another dimension to its unique features. For instance, “Goma Terra” meaning “chain of stores for vehicle tires” is where stores that sell different types of car tires are found. Similarly, “Atikilt Terra”,The nomenclature of the places in Merkato, as helpful as it is in locating commodities, it is sometimes deceiving. For example, “Bomb Terra” (meaning a chain of stores that sell bombs) have nothing close to weaponry in their stocks but rather they provide consumer goods at wholesale price.