Semien Mountain

Semien Mountain (the roof of africa)

Semien Mountain: located on the Ethiopian highland. The park has the most spectacular landscapes in the world, with jagged mountain peaks, deep valleys and sharp precipices dropping some 1,500 m. Millions of years ago by river systems cutting through the sandstone rock, from which the views stretch endlessly over the vast plains towards Eritrea.

The park is also home to some extremely rare animals such as the Gelada baboon, the Simien fox and the Walia ibex, a goat found nowhere else in the world. Apart this, this awesome mountain offers tough but immensely rewarding trekking along the ridge that falls sheer to the plains far below.

It’s not just the scenery and altitude that will leave you speechless, but also the excitement of sitting among a group of gelada monkeys or watching magnificent walia ibex joust on rock ledges. Those of you who love trekking, where else you want to go other than Semien Mountain for this awesome experience.


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